Surface Control System Against the Novel Coronavirus

Heartfelt condolences to the casualties of COVID-19, and huge thanks to the medical professionals that are still fighting day and night despite the imminent risk, not to mention the infectious disease specialists working hard to find effective treatments.

One big reason why the SARS-CoV-2 infection has spread so immensely could be fomite transmission that allows contaminated inanimate objects to serve as a mechanism for transfer between hosts. One problem of the COVIT-19 virus is that it has relatively long life on surface of objects. 

So here comes MISTECT.  Just switch it on, and all surfaces in the room will be anti-virus coated. Result; minimized risk of fomite transmission.

Notable is the safety and user-friendliness. We use edible organic plant essence, and all you have to do is to turn on the switch.

MISTECT Prevents Fomite Transmission

A room full of SARS-CoV-2 virus is like a beach. However careful you are, sand gets all over you and you, in turn, will scatter the sand wherever you go. Then, eventually when the sand reaches your eyes, nose, or mouth, you get “infected.” The best you can do as of now, is to wash your hands well to remove any sand and not letting the sand go into your eyes, nose, or mouth.

MISTECT will automatically anti-virus-coat the room surface just by briefly misting the room with anti-virus plant essence. It will deactivate any novel coronavirus and maintain it so for a considerable time. Even if droplets of active virus enter the room, the treated surface of the desk or floor will deactivate the virus. The room will thus be free of any “sand.”

Natural Dynamism to Disseminate Natural Power

Another notable feature of MISTECT is the use of natural dynamism to both disinfect and disperse. Firstly, we use totally safe organic plant essence, namely the safe GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) used widely in Japan as well as the US as food additive, to deactivate viruses. Daily intake of the GSE is proved to be totally safe.

Secondly, we use two natural phenomena, static electricity and Brownian motion, to coat exposed surfaces in the room. The ultrafine 7μm plant essence solution particle is gushed out of a special nozzle that applies state-of-the-art rocket technology.

The agent particle is charged with minus electricity when atomized out of the nozzle, distributed throughout the room by Brownian motion, and attaches everywhere, including the wall, floor, or furniture. So, we use nature’s bounty and nature’s dynamism for surface control, to prevent fomite transmission. This is what MISTECT is all about.

MISTECT will automatically anti-virus-coat the room surface just by briefly misting the room with anti-virus plant essence.

MISTECT’s Merits

  1. Safe
    MISTECT has overwhelming safety advantage over other disinfection systems. The GSE we use for coating is approved by the FDA and MHLW as food additive, so, unless taken in massive volume, there will be no health issues.  And, we are not going to eat nor inhale it anyway; the GSE essence will just be used as surface coating agent against viruses. Alcohol is inflammable, sodium hypochlorite smells and requires gloves to handle.
  2. Easy to Use
    Just place the machine (MISTECT Microspreader) in the room, turn on the switch, and wait outside. The room’s walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and any surface in the room will automatically be coated. Very unlike the time, work and cost you need to sterilize the room by manual labor. MISTECT is remarkably simple.
  3. Sustainable
    Repetitive use of MISTECT will form layers of GSE coats, so deactivation of viruses will continue for weeks. Any other sterilization system is effective only at the time of treatment, and the instance a new virus comes in, you have potential for infection. Not with MISTECT. It will continue to deactivate any new viruses for weeks to come.
  4. Effective
    MISTECT inactivates the novel coronavirus by destroying the envelope. So, it is even effective to other envelope type influenza viruses. We know that the aggressive mutilation of the novel coronavirus makes it difficult to develop effective vaccine, but as the virus is still envelope type after any mutilation, we don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of MISTECT.

The secret of MISTECT is a special GSE and a superior mist nozzle (patented.)

Development of MISTECT

SARS-CoV-2 virus has roughly two routes of infection.

  1. Droplet Transmission / Aerosol Transmission
    Infection by inhaling droplets and aerosol of the infected individual.
  2. Fomite Transmission
    Infection by touching virus-infected objects before touching eyes, nose, mouth.

Measurement against 1 will be physical distancing and wearing masks. Adequate ventilation is also a good practice. The Japanese measurement team found that infected individuals in 3Cs (Closed space/ Crowded place / Close-contact setting) environment tend to become super spreaders, and accordingly called upon the people to avoid 3Cs.

Measurement against 2 is more challenging. Droplet/aerosol transmission only happens when “you are there,” but fomite transmission surpasses time or space limits. This is why WHO endorsed hand washing. Fomite transmission can be stopped at the edge by washing hands.

MISTECT is newly developed to prevent this fomite transmission. Lock-down and physical distancing alone cannot converge infection (cf. MedCrave: Environmental surface contamination with SARS-CoV-2 – a short review). MISTECT aims to reduce the amount of virus in your daily life and work environment.

MISTECT surface control can remove “sand” from the “sandy room (with virus all over.)” Combined with other measurements like ventilating the room, we can significantly reduce infection risks from the society all together.

Main Target is the Floor

MISTECT aims to reduce virus in environment surrounding daily life. The main target is the floor. Some say that Japanese lifestyle was one reason we were able to control the virus; we Japanese remove shoes at the entrance of the house, and also use toilet-only slippers.

Droplets of infected persons fall on the floor. Viruses also enter the room on shoe soles. If an infected person uses the toilet, the instance this person flushes, the entire toilet is contaminated (fecal-oral transmission,) the virus attaches to the sole, and is then transported to the office floor.

The virus on the floor is also reported to be stirred up by vacuum cleaners or human activity.

Now, just switch on MISTEC, and the floor is completely disinfected and coated in every hole and corner. Any new virus contacting the floor will be inactivated, too.

About Brownian Motion

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